Bring your current mobile number to Lycamobile. This is called Number Porting and it's a free service offered by Lycamobile. Simply:
In order to use number porting, your Lycamobile SIM card has to be activated! To activate your SIM you need to insert it into your mobile and a SMS will arrive with a temporary number. You can use the temporary number while we process your number port.
You need to Register you SIM online to complete the port-in process. (Registration details and port-in request details should be same, otherwise port-in will not be successful).
Once you have registered you will need to fill in our Online Porting Form with your existing mobile number and details. Please ensure the details match. The porting process takes two working days*. We will replace your temporary Lycamobile number in that period.
*Request between 08.00 to 17.00 – PortIn within 2 working days
*Request after 17.00 – PortIn within 3 working days.
If your number doesn't port in after two working days please contact Lycamobile customer care on 0207 543 030 immediately so we can help complete the port.
Please note: Lycamobile has porting arrangements established with the majority of Dutch mobile network providers. If you experience problems filling in the form, call Lycamobile customer care on 0207 543 030 for more help.
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