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Transfer your number

Do you want to change from provider but keep your current number?

Switch to Lyca Mobile with number transfer and receive €5 calling credit after SIM registration. This is called Number Porting. Switching is completely free and processed as soon as 48 hours*!

How do I port my number:

  • Order a free SIM and activate your temporary number
  • Register your SIM card online
  • Complete the form Request for port in and the process will start. Keep in mind that your registration details and your port in details match to guarantee a successful transfer
  • Once your number has been transferred successfully, you receive a confirmation text or dial *102# to see your current number on the screen
  • Activate the Saver Plan by sending a free text to 2525 with the text SAVER. You will then benefit from the cheapest rates with a saving of up to 70%. Read all the advantages of the Saver Plan here

*The number porting process often takes 2 working days.

Request between 8am and 5pm - porting within 2 working days.

Request after 5pm - porting within 3 working days.

Customer Care:

If your number has not been transferred after 3 working days or you experience problems filling in the form, please contact the Lyca Mobile Customer Care team directly on 020-754 3030. We are happy to help you with a smooth transition to Lyca Mobile.