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Mobile Internet Settings For Activation

Activate your Mobile Internet Settings

Setting up your mobile internet service is easy and done in no time. Do it yourself using the steps below or let someone from our customer support team help you

How to activate?

1. Mobile Settings

Follow the steps below for an iPhone or Android phone.

iPhone Android
Select Settings Turn ON your Mobile Data
Select Cellular Select Settings
Turn ON your Cellular Data Select Connections
Select Cellular Data Options Select Mobile network
Turn ON data roaming Turn ON data roaming
Select Cellular Data Network Select Access Point Names
If you do NOT see Lyca Mobile in the list, please add a new APN Add a new APN/point name
Fill in these details:
Username: lmnl
Password: plus
Fill in these details:
Name: lyca internet
Username: lmnl
Password: plus

2. Video Instruction

If your device is a bit older, please follow one of our video instructions below.

3. Contact Customer Service

Still having problems? Please contact our Customer Service for support Contact Us

4. Instructions for older phones

For other mobile phones, scroll down to the selection menu. Select the brand of your mobile and then the model type. Follow the instructions and you are ready to start surfing online.

Popular handsets:

For other mobile settings click here or scroll down the page





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