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3G shuts down per 22 March

Lyca Mobile is working with its suppliers to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of its data services, integrating the most advanced technologies to provide greater quality and quantities of data usage.

As a consequence, we are announcing the discontinuation of our 3G technologies, in favour of our 4G services. This will be active from 22 March 2022. All customers are advised to ensure they have a compatible SIM card and handset device to be able to benefit from our 4G services.

Devices connected through 3G technology which are not 4G-enabled will be switched to 2G. These customers will be able to continue making calls and sending SMS, but may experience service limitations.

The disadvantages of 2G
- The internetspeed is slower
- Sound quality of calls are less
- Using the internet and making calls simultaniously is restricted

If you need support with changing your settings or any further info, call our Customer Service at the number 1200 from your Lycamobile number.

All customers will also receive an SMS with this information and how to receive help if you need it.