Corporate Lycamobile
Rates for calls within the Netherlands
National Landlines
9ct* /min
National Mobile
Free** Lycamobile
25ct* Other mobile /min
Free** Lycamobile
19ct Other mobile /sms
19ct /mb
* Connection charge 23cts
** Terms and Conditions apply
International Standard Rates
Calls to Landlines from
1ct /min
Calls to Mobile from
Free* Lycamobile /min
1ct Other /min
Send SMS from
19ct Lycamobile /SMS
19ct Other /SMS
Connection charge - 23 ct
Customers should opt-in by texting GOLD to 3535 to be eligible to get the above special rates. Click here to check our standard rates.(Click here to check our Estonia Special Mobiles standard rates. Effective from 01.11.2014) Opt-in GOLD promotional tariff is valid until 31.01.2015.
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